maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011

Two Weeks of Everyman and Oversleeps Just Keep Piling Up

It's fifteenth day and since I've overslept now two days in a row, that has taken the combined total to 6½ hours. It's tough to avoid those oversleeps now that sleep dep is starting to creep in. I am yet to find a way to consistently get up from the bed. It doesn't seem too hard to outsiders, but it takes quite a lot of willpower once you start to get sleep-deprived.

I'll keep thinking about it and if it depended on my determination alone, I'd not oversleep anymore.

So let's recap the first two weeks a bit. It's not really been tough, it has felt easier than during last year's Everyman adaptation. The numbers though tell a different story. I've overslept more than last year by now, at least in terms of times overslept. If I can't keep at least two weeks completely mistake-free, I'm just not going to adapt, that's a fact. Seems a bit overwhelming when you barely can string three perfect days in a row.

From now on I'll keep much stricter reins to my schedule. I won't miss any more naps. I won't shift the naps around. The schedule is bizarre enough as it is, I don't need any more changes to that. The time for shifting naps is much later than now. I need to stay the fuck active. The bed should be off-limits within an hour from waking up.

Next two weeks will be a lot harder, but it should be a lot better. Sounds an impossible combination, but just like that Adidas slogan said, "impossible is nothing."

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