torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2011

Update: New Everyman Adaptation Coming Up & Site Scrapped

It's been awhile since my last post, over a month in fact. I've been sleeping pretty normally meanwhile, polyphasing can be quite exhaustive, especially with the training amounts I've been having. But now it's time to stop resting on my laurels and get going again. I don't know how healthy this constant polyphasing is, but I haven't pretty much even gotten sick or felt bad bar the occasional sleep deprivation induced headache during past 16 months.

I decided to scrap the site, because frankly I don't think I know enough of polyphasing. Yeah, I do have plenty of experience, but it's all from failing - which is all good, as if I've just succeeded on the first try, I wouldn't have needed to grow as a person nor could I teach it to anyone as I would obviously be a natural. When I finally succeed - could be years from now - I would have made every mistake in the book and would have had to find a solution to everyone of them. But at the moment, I simply don't have any credibility to give advice to anyone.

All of my Zeo's censors though have gone past their three (or was it four, I don't remember) month period where they work and already I'm seeing that the readings have started to throw off. Besides, for some reason I have started to twist and turn in the bed so I can't even keep the band on for the most of the nights. Most likely I don't be using Zeo to track data this time for those reasons. I've yet to decide. As for when I start, it will be soon, probably in the next few days. Here's my rough plan of the schedule:
Core: 6.30-10.00
Nap 1: 13:30-14:00
Nap 2: 17:00-17:30
Nap 3: 0:00-0:30

Obviously it's only tentative at the moment, I will see where my natural tired moments fall and then shift it accordingly. The core can't be much earlier though - as much as I enjoy getting up early, my need of heavy duty alarms (I'm even more liable to sleep through alarms at the moment than I was ever before) forces me to get up in a time that doesn't interfere with anyone else's sleep. I can shift it a bit earlier if needed, but we'll see. The core is 3½ hours as it was before, it just works better for me than the usual three hour version.

The first nap is spaced the same way it has been in my most recent adaptations. The second nap is so close due to schedule constraints. If I shift it later, it will go beyond 21, but I think that I'm more likely to shift the rest of the schedule earlier. As for the last nap, I hope it's on the darkest time - I've not made much of the nightly walks this summer, which has been sad as I really enjoy it. Now I would be able to do that.

Why Everyman again? I could try triphasic, but Uberman is just no-go at the moment. The numerous attempts have really forced me the face the fact that I'm indisciplined. You need to get the Bachelor's degree before you can get to Master's. That's the way I view Everyman and Uberman - Of course you could do Uberman straight away, but only very few people can handle the intense adaptation of Uberman. I think I have to grow a lot as a person before I'm able to do Uberman, whereas Everyman, while very challenging too, is something I view very possible. I did go 20-something days using Everyman with minimal errors, after all!

Whether I'm physically even able to do either is a different matter all together - I believe I haven't gone nearly long enough on any adaptation to say that I simply don't adapt. Uberman is also so hard that I need to clean up my diet & just all around fix my life to tip the odds to my favor. My diet is pretty good, but not perfect. I've probably babbled long enough, so stay tuned for more soon. As that site project got scrapped, I might post a couple of posts I had written for the coming sites, if I still like them. Overall most of this blog so far has been just me spouting shit while sleep-deprived, I'd like to have more worthwhile content. See ya soon.

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