torstai 9. kesäkuuta 2011

Decisions & Some Monophasic Data

I've been thinking lately about what to do in terms of polyphasic sleep and my situation really doesn't warrant me to go full on to SPAMAYL or Uberman at the moment. So, I've decided to give another shot to 4½-1½ type of schedule and supplement it with naps whenever needed. But the thing is that I love nothing more than being awake in the night in summer. So I've decided to have my longer sleep during the day. Here's the sleeping times that I'm planning to do:

It's not perfectly symmetric, but I don't think it has to. I'm gaining some time and most importantly sleeping through my most unproductive times. I'll still have my naps as a weapon if that amount of sleep leaves me tired.

The schedule is of course subject to any change Zeo might reveal that I should do. Also those times don't have to be as rigid as in Everyman or Uberman, so I'll be shifting them a bit if needed, especially the daytime sleep.

Speaking of Zeo, interesting thing I've noticed with monophasic compared to my Everyman is that I'm actually getting less deep sleep from it. I get around 1h 10 minutes / 8-9 hours compared to around 90 minutes of 3½ hour core. Most of my sleep is light sleep and REM, I've gotten some insane amounts of especially REM during some nights.

Just recently my schedule has been all over the place and I'm pretty sure I'm running a sleep deficit. Last night I slept 6h 22 minutes and got under an hour of deep sleep. So it's not best foundation to start a new schedule from, but I'll do it anyway.

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