keskiviikko 20. heinäkuuta 2011

Everyman: Second Day Glory - Stay Active!

Being and staying active is one of the key components to being polyphasic. It isn't enough to keep yourself occupied, you really need to be active - either by being really engaged with your mind or doing something more physical.

It was this old lesson that was once again reminding me today, when I insisted on just laying on the bed with a laptop on my lap - not a good idea. Being generally passive just invites tiredness and soon enough I fell asleep.

I got lucky though - I woke up five minutes later, so it was so short unnecessary sleep, that I don't even count it as a failure. Beside that five minute moment of tiredness the day was absolutely awesome, even if my core didn't convince me at all. I felt like I woke up many times during that and felt somewhat disoriented. Getting up was easy though, as I already were awake. Same thing happened with first and third naps - I woke up before the alarms went off, completely refreshed.

I gotta be honest I'm surprised, the start has been far better than what I had expected. Sure, I was tired for the most of the day, but the naps itself were great and waking up from them has never been this easy - besides, no missed naps so far, it's awesome. Like everything is clicking right from the off. Of course when I'm writing this positively, I'm bound to fail soon.

In other news, you can now add me in Twitter and keep up to date with my progress. I'll be posting short status updates throughout my day there. Checkout PolySleeper. It's the best place to get regular updates as I probably won't be posting everyday like this, unless I keep getting these reminders that I think are worth bringing up in the blog.

I'll chill out through the night next, I have a bit of writing in front of me and then there's the first Copa America semi coming up later in the night. It's moments like these when I truly enjoy being polyphasic. Only bad thing going on at the moment is the fact that the motherboard didn't show up yet. Come on, of course the delivery gets delayed just when I need it the most. What that means is one more night without heavy alarms and that keeps getting me more and more worried, but as I said, signs so far don't seem bad. Besides, even if the oversleep comes, it's still early and it would only be a small loss.

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