lauantai 23. heinäkuuta 2011

Everyman: Another Oversleep Debrief

So I had a couple of pretty bad mistakes today. Not in terms of setting me that much back, but in terms of how novice errors they were.

First off I woke up from my core and I don't know what the hell I'm thinking, but for some reason I put my alarm to 25 minutes later and then went back to bed. Now if I would have woken up 25 minutes later that would have been nothing too serious, but I slept through it and ended up sleeping 1½ hours over my regular core.

This wasn't the end of my mistakes though. I skipped the first nap, as I had slept so long it would have been too near anyway, so the time for the second one was today my first. It was a very solid nap, but I felt a little too comfortable in bed and didn't really get up. I ended up falling asleep for at least 30 minutes, but probably a little over.

I mean it's ridiculous. Beginner mistakes. I am very angry at myself - first one was simply avoidable by having multiple alarms and slightly more self-discipline. I really doubt I would have started to reset three or more alarms. As for second one, I should really get some one to shout me "GET THE FUCK UP!" everytime I go back to bed after waking up from the naps.

I had the midnight nap as usual. Overall I have no strong urge to shift any of the alarm times at all. It seems like they have fallen to good spots naturally this time. I really enjoy this long shift at night, I'm a night person and the tiredness seems to come at right time for core. During winter when I used Everyman I would have the third nap at 9 pm, which was too early, I guess. I rarely slept on that nap.

I got a new motherboard to my computer, but it's still acting up and not working completely properly. Which means that I might go yet another day without hardcore alarms... Well, I guess there would be alternatives, but I'm kind of attached to the thought of using my computer as the last stand for waking up. Anyway, I still plan to fix the issues before heading to sleep tonight... well, at dawn. Funny how polyphasic schedules work sometimes?

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