sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2011

Going Uberman in... 18 hours

I will be heading off to sleep very soon for what will be (hopefully) my last sleep of many hours in a while. I'll get up 10 am tomorrow, have my last full day of monophasic life and then at 1:40 am. next night I'll have my first nap of 20 minutes. Here's my full schedule


What has changed since my last attempt and how does it affect my chances? Well, I'm now a bit better equipped in the alarm sector, but still, I'd love to have at least one alarm more. I guess I'll make do with these though and at least oversleeping should be less likely than before. Having said that, I did, sleep through my sisters attempts of shaking me awake last summer, so I don't know... I am hopefully more determined to succeed than last year, I have a lot more experience and ways to deal with tired moments, but I didn't have any really tough moments while being on Everyman and anything remotely difficult just made me oversleep, which kind of worries me.

I also have Zeo to really determine exactly how much I slept and if it was REM/some other phase of sleep. Having said that I think that Zeo often has the first 5-10 minutes as a REM, so it can't always be trusted on that sector.

I'm determined to succeed (I guess I've said that every time) and at least I'll do my record. I don't remember how long that was, but I have some vague recall that I did 18 perfect naps in a row last August.

I guess I'll allow one or two oversleeps before I call quits and then move on to quickly attempt SPAMAYL. I have not yet decided what to do after that, if anything. Playing soccer everyday, as I do in summer is a bit demanding for your body when you're only sleeping around two hours a day. I have already started to lose weight. I lost 6 kg:s last summer and thin as it is, so... tricky situation. Then again, even if I lose the weight and more importantly some muscle, the losses aren't that big.

But yeah, let's wrap this post up. See you in around 18 hours when I'll post the starting post and then again in around 40 hours when I post the first daily report.

About the site... I'll probably start working on it hard while on Uberman - it's good to keep thought focused on the task and what better way than to make a polyphasic site while being polyphasic! I've written very little content so far, I'm still very much at the planning stage still, which I'm a bit unhappy of, but it is what it is and I can only blame my own procrastination for it. It will be a site focused on polyphasic sleep and lucid dreaming with a personal development side in it.

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