tiistai 17. toukokuuta 2011

The Oversleep - What Happened & Self-Loathing

I remember being awake in 6:40 and just being zoning out. I can't believe I did nothing. My mind was all messed up when I awoke, all this stuff about ice hockey came in from my dreams and I was trying to make sense of it in context of real life. Of course once the mind fog cleared I realized that I had just been disoriented. Still, despite all these messed up mental images I managed to keep concentration and tried to have the ten o'clock nap. I didn't get any sleep on it after the oversleep.

I'm not home free if I survive past the night. I so often survive through it only to mess up in the morning. That isn't acceptable any more. After my 6 o'clock nap I am to go play soccer right away every morning to wake myself up properly. After that some fast-paced action game on the computer and closely monitoring my mental state. I guess the biggest challenge is to keep tabs on yourself without losing conciousness.

But yeah, I don't want to see any oversleeps like this any more. If I sleep through the alarms, I can accept that, but no more falling asleep out of schedule.

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