torstai 19. toukokuuta 2011

Day 4

Day four, let's see if I can finally get some momentum going on.

It's now 6 am, and I feel fine, if not in fact great. I woke up from my last nap after 13 minutes completely refreshed. No REM, or there was four minutes but I don't any dreams so it might have been just some transition stage that Zeo interpreted as REM. But yeah, I've felt great all night, so far the easiest night, but it could be telling just about the fact that the tough moments are shifting later to the day.

I ate some (a lot) chocolate earlier and plan on consuming some in a moment more. This is the first time really that I've ate some sugar-heavy during this effort. I doubt that really has any major significance, just thought to mention it.

Alright, everything was fine up until the third nap of the day. In fact, I woke up from it fine, but due to my stupidity and seeing one of our kittens sleeping near my feet I turned around and started petting it while laying besides it. You see where this is going at? Yeah, I sort of dozed off. Luckily One by One started blasting after couple of minutes so the oversleep was averted. I just scolded myself for such a stupid mistake and thanked my luck.

Then I went outside to play soccer. Normally this wakes me up, but now the combination of sleep-deprivation and not eating or drinking enough meant that I ended up playing Zombie soccer instead of the ordinary one. Seriously my pace was slower than what 100-year-olds have when they play chess.

Now I'm in zombie mode. Not full-on luckily, but semi-zombie anyway. I'm really just staring at the clock, wishing the time would pass quicker - there's still nearly three hours until the next nap! I've taken precautions in case I happen to fall asleep. I keep setting the alarms again every hour to nearest even hour, so that if I indeed fall asleep that'll at least limit the sleep to a hopefully unharmful amount - in other words, to a half an hour or less. Of course if I just drop to sleep after re-setting the alarm I'll sleep nearly an hour and that would probably hit me back to the proverbial stone ages, uberman-wise.

Rest of my gameplan now is just to keep myself occupied by low-brainpower needing grinding activities. If I just can keep the mind occupied and off the tiredness, it probably won't be so bad. Besides, there's a lot tougher times ahead no doubt. I shouldn't think of that yet though.

That tiredness subsided pretty quickly and the rest of the day was fairly easy. However my schedule got a little awry and I ended up doing the last nap late - and then missing it. I've lately had my peak state during midnight, we'll see if that happens today as well even with the missed nap and all.

Day overall
Succesful naps: 5
Oversleeps: 0
Total time slept 1:47
Total REM 0:26
Total deep sleep 0:24
Streak: 0
State during the day: 4-4-3-4-4-4, average 3.83

The least sleep, but the best day. Tomorrow should be tough.

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