keskiviikko 18. toukokuuta 2011

Day 3

It starts going a little tough. The night was once again relatively easy, but once I woke up from my second nap of the day, I was sure as tired as yesterday. I even hit the same symptom of not doing anything for some time which is always dangerous. Luckily I snapped out of it this time early enough, so I guess I'm learning something.

I went out and practiced soccer. I was really sluggish and lacked any desire to do that, but anything to weather through the rough patches. Remembering last year it has not yet even gotten tough. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the day after that will be the toughest, if I get through to them without oversleeps. My naps have been decent, not really that refreshing, but numbers look promising, once again nearly half-REM each of them, I mean those that actually last about 20 minutes. I still have some naps where I just about get to sleep before alarm goes off.

I've not yet at least needed any of the back-up alarms, I've always just gotten up to the normal alarm. I'm still suffering from coldness, but the temperature should be rising outside these days, so hopefully my symptoms of feeling cold go away. I've not eaten much since the start of this effort, no wonder I always lose so much of weight while on polyphasic schedules. I've eaten mostly healthy food, fruits, vegetables and such. Little meat, in fact I'm not sure if at all during these past three days, but I know I've eaten some eggs. I don't know what role the diet plays in adaptation, Steve Pavlina suggested that a lot, and maybe that's true, but I wouldn't know. All I'm trying to do is to eat my usual way - stay away from clearly unhealthy food and try to rack up a decent amount of calories. But overall I wouldn't call my diet healthy, even if a bit healthier than average.

Well, there it came - strike two. I don't have any clue how it happened - or I do, but I don't remember it. I remember waking up well from the two o'clock nap, but I have no recall how I fell asleep. I probably just failed to get up and passed out quickly. Another reiteration of an old lesson, you better move fast once you wake up. Not barely shut down the alarms and doze off again. Luckily I only slep an hour extra, but hey, that's enough as it is to ruin my progress so far.

I can still afford one mistake before I call it quits. Change from now on will be the fact that I'll get up quicker on the alarms and will go out right away upon waking up.

Day overall
Succesful naps: 4
Oversleeps: 1
Total time slept 2:52
Total REM 0:19 (at least, no data on oversleep)
Total deep sleep 0:28 (Same here)
Streak: 1
State during the day: 3-2-3-5-4-5, average 3.67

Everything after the oversleep was really easy. I'm having my peak mental state consistently right after midnight up until into the nap - that's why I've been struggling with getting enough sleep with the first naps.

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