perjantai 20. toukokuuta 2011

Attempt Comes to an Abrupt End

The third strike and I'm out - at least it was what I would call an oversleep. 11 hours 20 minutes straight without waking up. I think it could have been avoidable though. I don't remember whether I have my cellphone alarm on, at least when you reset it, the time is the time I was supposed to wake up, so I guess it was set.

However my surefire Immortal alarm, as in my computer, was not set, or it was, but I was watching hockey in the middle of the night so I had headphones on, therefore rendering the alarm too silent when I fell asleep.

Also the nap was slightly too long. I fell asleep accidentally around 5.25 instead of after 5.30.

All in all this wasn't a very good attempt from a seasoned polyphasic adjustment veteran that I am supposed to be. Three oversleeps in just five days, that's just poor. Stupid mistakes, mistakes I've made too many times in the past. I will be re-attempting in early June - that attempt will shift to SPAMAYL if needed. Or it could be just SPAMAYLish uberman just like Steve Pavlina did - as in, putting extra naps every now and then.

I hope to be better prepared as well then, with myself properly trained to get up to alarm and a lots of stuff to do the fill the time - that wasn't the problem this time either, I had stuff to do all the time.

Shame about this, but now that I failed so badly I think it's best to call it quits. The timing is ankward also, in early June I'll be completely free in terms of schedule.

Now what... Well, I'm feeling sleepy, I guess I'll try to sleep even more and clear the debts before continuing my monophasic hell. Then again, I could try some weird biphasic program with naps every now and then - the kind that I won't go in the sleep debt but would still gain some time and be polyphasic. Kind of that's easy to come in an out of. Steve Pavlina is doing 4,5/1,5 biphasic at the moment. I did also that last summer for a few weeks, perhaps I should do that again. Anyway, it wouldn't be full on biphasic as I need to sleep a couple of full nights soon.

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