maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2011


Hi guys, I'm 30 minutes away from my first nap, just thought I'd post a little report on how I feel.

I didn't wake up exactly 10 am in the morning or whatever I said I would, I could have, but I didn't see it very important really so I kept sleeping. So it is likely that I won't be able to sleep for the first nap. But I guess that holds true for most of my first couple of days of naps.

I'll be revisiting the old classics, PureDoxyk's Ubersleep and Steve Pavlina's blog during the early hours of the night and all along the first days of the effort.

The way I do my daily reporting has changed, I'll be using the old 1-5 rating scale for my feel in every phase. Here's the definitions for it, in case you don't remember. I've posted it couple of times in this blog, but I'm too pressed to find it right now.
5 = I feel normal and there was no tiredness during this phase.
4 = I don't feel outright tired, but I'm not at my freshest either.
3 = There was some moments of slight tiredness.
2 = Multiple moments of fatigue and very little productivity.
1 = I felt extremely tired and started nodding or the whole phase was slight struggle with tiredness.

That was designed for Everyman purposes, but in the end I rarely had to use 1 rating for any phase. I can get even more extreme than that, but I'll report it in writing if there's anything worth mentioning.

I've gotten a keylogger for my new computer so if I happen to pass out amidst of using my computer, I know exactly how much I fucked up. Hopefully that won't be needed, but it is there just in case.

Also I'll be doing writing test, both Finnish & English and both word & sentence tests in every phase. It isn't really a viable test to do for alertness and such, I mean I guess it can tell something, but I mainly just do it because I want to improve my writing speed. Just an excuse to do it.

So you'll get
- Rating of the phase
- Writing speeds
- Possibly REM/Deep sleep numbers. I think I'll just do whole days totals and go through individual naps in writing more or less. If there's some data worth mentioning I obviously point it out.

That's all for now, see you in about 20 hours for first post. Oh god, I hope I don't mess up in the first day. That would be embarrasing.

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