maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2011

Day 1 - Uberman 2011

Time to start cranking out those tests. I already got my first nap - no sleep, as expected. I got tired though. Kind of sad.

Nap 1
Finnish - words - 372
Finnish - sentences - 379
English - words - 273
English - sentences - 258
Phase rating: 3

Typing Finnish was at normal level, English a little slow.

Nap 2
Finnish - words - 377
Finnish - sentences - 353
English - words - 286
English - sentences - 300
Phase rating: 5

Nothing significant going on with these, except that my English is starting to pick up the pace.

Nap 3
Finnish - words - 320
Finnish - sentences - 367
English - words - 256
English - sentences - 273
Phase rating: 3

I guess the slight drop in my alertness and overall state can be read from the results.

Nap 4
Finnish - words - 374
Finnish - sentences
English - words
English - sentences
Phase rating: 4

I couldn't do other tests as my internet connection failed, but anyway, that was normal.

Nap 5
Finnish - words - 363
Finnish - sentences - 349
English - words - 267
English - sentences - 267
Phase rating: 3

Pace took a slight hit, but that's to be expected, I'm tired. In fact, I would have expected worse chunk off the pace.

Nap 6
Finnish - words
Finnish - sentences
English - words
English - sentences
Phase rating: 4

Didn't have time to do this. Wrote a lot though, and pace was normal.

Day overall
Succesful naps: 4
Oversleeps: 0
Total time slept 0:53
Total REM 0:04
Total deep sleep 0:17
Streak: 4

Alright, day one is finally over and I feel... Pretty good at the end of the night. But it hasn't been all sunshine for the day, I've struggled with slight tiredness during the day, but nothing really challenging has yet come up.

Obviously I missed the first couple of naps as you might have expected, but surprisingly I've gottten at least some minutes of sleep on every four that followed. Still the overall sleep numbers are really low and I didn't even get any REM. My first nap dipped straight into deep sleep, which is kind of weird, but kind of good, at least got some sleep that actually has some effect.

I kept myself wide awake in the morning by light soccer practice and some sprints. I'm not planning to do any heavy training during this adaptation, another advantage I have over last year's attempts.

I don't remember anything particular worth mentioning from the other naps. I didn't have much appetite today, but then again I rarely have. I was more tired than in the evening that I was at any other point, but like I said, that last nap cleared that up quite well.

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