tiistai 17. toukokuuta 2011

Day 2

Nap 1
Finnish - words - 355
Finnish - sentences - 346
English - words - 294
English - sentences - 303
Phase rating: 3

Well, Finnish was a little slower than usual, but English actually faster than normally. Weird as I'm very tired.

Nap 2
Finnish - words
Finnish - sentences
English - words
English - sentences
Phase rating: 2

Didn't do any as I presumably passed out.

Nap 3
Finnish - words
Finnish - sentences
English - words
English - sentences
Phase rating:

Day overall
Succesful naps: 2
Oversleeps: 1
Total time slept 4:30
Total REM ?
Total deep sleep ?
Streak: -

I was a little worried about the night, but the tough nights don't start just yet. I was able to watch some stuff on the computer without getting super drowsy. You might remember me complaining on many instances about how watching something passively makes you tired. So I'm not yet that tired. After spending two hours just watching stuff I headed out for my first nightly walk. I meant to make only short walk as I had only 1½ hours until the nap, but I felt like running so I ended up going around the village in an hour, partly walking, partly running.

The reason I felt the need the run was partly because it was cold and I just never put any more clothes on than what I have because I'm lazy, so I was under-clothed. But also my joints and muscles just craved for some more free movement. For some reason towards the end of the walk I got very sentimental. Sleep-deprivation might have some part in it, but also the situation of taking a walk for first time in many months got me going.

I didn't feel at all tired when I got back. It was a crazy feeling, just lie there on you bed with not the slightest of urge to sleep despite only having an hour in last 40 hours. Or something around that range.

However once I woke up from the second nap, I never really got going and I'm pretty sure I overslept for couple of hours. I have no idea what happened in that spot and my keylogger has obviously failed me. Frustrating, but easily avoidable mistake. That said, it's shouldn't be too serious. It made me miss the third nap though. I'm very dissapointed in myself. I can't conjure up a coherent thought at the moment as you can see.

That was the strike one - remember, three strikes and you're out. I won't allow any more mistakes like that, I let that happen too easily.

In fact, I'll stop writing this one no, do a little debriefing and then continue from clear table.

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