maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011

Snakes in the Paradise

This is starting to spiral out of control again. It's day seven now, and I again had problems, this time falling asleep for an extra hour. It's not too serious, I still can stay under five hours for today, which is my objective anyway.

The problem was once again staying in bed. Do what I say, and always get up immediately, not what I do, which is staying in bed, possibly staying there for the whole wake phase.

It didn't backfire for my first phase today, as I fel surprisingly good for the whole phase, but kind of hoped I could finally start sleeping again. When I finally could, I was again woken up by my dad, this distrupting me right in the middle of a sleep. I stayed bed and didn't fall asleep back right away as I was trying - there were still nearly 20 minutes until my alarm. I finally shifted the alarm later for few minutes and fell asleep. I woke up to alarm as intended, but again, for some reason, refused to get up and didn't even start doing anything.

Today's lesson is, whenever you get even a little bit of sleep, don't try to get more if your naptime has gone already. And remember yesterday's lessons.

I guess I'll set myself a minigoal of going right at the 5:00 to practice football during the next 3 days. That ought to snap me out of this pattern. If I do that, and get up right away from every nap, I'll treat myself to some... ultra-violence. Just joking, let's say chocolate.

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