tiistai 8. maaliskuuta 2011

My Plan Didn't Work - Let's Try A New Plan!

I'm frustrated. Not because I did fall asleep unintenionally again, but because I don't have any clue how long I slept. I woke up 7.30 but can't remember when I fall asleep. I was awake still at 6.00. Is that it? Did I sleep for 90 minutes?

Aargh, why didn't I get up or at least put the headband on as it seemed like I didn't have the discipline again. I'll mark it up as 90 minutes and next I'm gonna download keylogger to this computer as well to know when I last did anything. That will at least give me a clue about these unintentional sleeps.

In fact, now that this happened again I'm going to go with the flow instead of trying to fight it. So I want to fall asleep already after barely hour up. Fine! But now I'm going to really go for WILD in those spots, because I know that I'm highly likely to go straight to REM. The way I naturally go to sleep hasn't produced any WILDs in months of polyphasing, so I guess I have to just focus on it.

As I said, I marked that I slept for 90 minutes, but I can't be certain, it's possible I slept even only for 30 minutes. Thing is that I already feel like I'm liable to wake up naturally from that nap, which supports my urge to try to WILD during those naps. I'd just set the alarm to a clearly later time, either 45 minutes or 60 minutes and keep on shifting it later if I don't fall asleep right away. I also leverage the full potential of that REM-cycle that way. I usually had longer REM-phases than 20 minutes during my earlier attempts.

I just gotta play into the cards and even if I lose some of the efficiency, I still am very likely to mantain under five hours per sleep daily and I might get some WILDs to make this even more enjoyable.

I'm kind of frustrated it isn't tomorrow morning already! For one I want to make up for today's lack of discipline and also I am eager to try out this approach.

By the way, that idea sprang to me completely spontaniously during writing this. But it really does fit into what seems to be my body's natural cycle.

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