sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

First oversleep(s?) - Day 6

I woke up normally this morning, but instead of getting up and doing something, I just did the first deadly sin of Polyphasic sleep and just stayed there in the bed. I felt okay, but sleep can be tricky and the time passed so fast that I'm pretty sure I fell in and out of asleep. I didn't mind it too much, as even if I had slept the whole time I'd gotten 4,5 hours of sleep and that just the core for two-nap Everyman, and I definitely didn't sleep the whole time.

However, I did fall asleep some time later while listening to music, again laying down. Laying down per se isn't the problem, it's the fact that I to take action when I felt that I might start falling asleep.

But overall it's still not a too big of a deal. Minor setback. I still think I can keep my overall sleep for today under five hours. I estimated that I have slept four hours and twenty minutes today, which might be a slight underestimate, but it's close enough. I guess I should start wearing Zeo's headband whenever I'm tired, as the most frustrating aspect psychologically for me with these oversleeps is the fact that I dont know how long I exactly slept. Now I have decent indication though as I just need to check when my last song ended, and as it is it ended 30 minutes ago, so that's how long I probably slept.

This is annoying me a bit, but my only real goal is to keep and adapt to a schedule that required under five hours of sleep, so I'm still on my way to that if I keep this up. But yeah, the failure in itself doesn't bother me too much, it's the manner of it once again. Polyphasic sleep can really bring the worst out of people and it keeps on magnifying my problem's with self-discipline. I have to keep working on it. I know enough about polyphasic sleep that I shouldn't get arrogant, yet sometimes I still keep doing it.

So reminding myself one last time...

If I stay in bed...
...I'll do something!
....I'll Have an alarm set a few minutes away just in case.
...I'll stay there maximum of ten, maybe twenty minutes. Why would I stay longer, wasn't the point of this whole ordeal to gain more waketime? Why would I dump it by doing the same I would do when sleeping. Just doesn't make sense.

Also, if you start feeling tired, just get the fuck up and do something, you can't afford to keep lying down or sitting as it's DOOM for your polyphasic schedule.

Might seem a bit overkill to beat myself up so badly for such a small error that only sets me back one day at max, but no. I need to get these drilled in my head. It's been like 10 attempts on different schedules and it always seems to come down to this. Simply not taking the hint that my body was about to hit sleepmode and therefore falling asleep.

Lastly this means that I need to probably shift the naptimes slightly for the day, which is bad for overall schedule, but like I said, this will set me back and a day is probably how long for. For all the beating up of myself, I should take a look into some positives and the fact that I went for five days without oversleeps is kinda cool. However it weren't five days of perfect adherence because I missed naps.

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