perjantai 4. maaliskuuta 2011

Day Three, Over-confidence and Sleepiness

Hi guys, whatäs up? Decided to post on my progress so far.

So I'm on the fourth day and the first three days saw no oversleeps, but I didn't hit every nap either. The third and last nap has been somewhat tough for me, but last night it finally worked out too. What's been really exciting for me is the surprisingly good results so far. I'm tired at the moments as I just woke up from my core, but overall I've been feeling decent. There results Zeo is indicating at the moment are nothing short of amazing. My first nap has already been full-lenght REM-nap as it was in the original attempt. But it's not just the first nap - yesterday I had short bit of REM during every nap.

Problems haven't been there just yet, only tough spots has been the mornings and the evenings, but it's easy to strech for a little more in the evening - morning on the other hand, is more of a nightmare. I had my toughest test just now as there was a power break and I had to sit in the danrkness for a while. It's really tough when you're as tired as I am currently.

My is starting to settle at 3 hours and 25 minutes of lenght and Zeo seems to have picked up on my cycles as SmartWake wakes me at exactly same spot of the cycle every morning. I still start by getting all my deep sleep very quickly. The core finishes with one segment of REM - there is also a short segment of REM just after the deep sleep. Just makes me wonder overall, doesn't thig mean I have 4 cycles of REM? Well, I guess the short bit counts in the core, so it would be two cycles...

By the way I went really close to failure just now as I napped and accidentally left SmartWake on. It woke me up almost instantly after falling asleep, so I reset the alarm but apparently it didn't work right for some reason. I woke up 18 minutes after my alarm when my dad woke me up and asked about whether I should be going to the bus. I didn't have any other alarms on due to getting lazy / over-confident. But yeah, luckily I avoided the oversleep and while I woke up 18 minutes late, I had only slept 21 minutes overall on that nap, at least according to Zeo. Even if were a bit more it still wouldn't have mattered.

Other than that nap excursion I've enjoyed being polyphasic again as for now and I'm looking forward to having success this time.

I don't know what will I do this summer. I still crave for Uberman, so probably I'll try that for some time, but unlikely as much as last summer. Being monophasic would kind of suck though as I enjoy the nighttimes too much and sleeping during day is such a pain. But now I'm getting way ahead of things, I'll think about that more in the late April / early May.

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