tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

Monophasic For Now

I decided to put my attempt on triphasic on hold. Besides, I still miss Everyman and I'm having an urge to try it again when I next attempt some form of polyphasic sleep. That being said, I'm going to stay monophasic for now. I'm actually liking it for a change. I'm managing to keep a relatively sane and regular schedule and my sleep quality has been very good. Once my sleep goes back off rails again I'll start the triphasic.

As for now, I'll keep on streching my dream recall streak, that is already 10 days. My recall used to be stellar, but continuous polyphasic sleeping, where I have to focus on getting up rather than remembering any dreams have deteriorated it. If I manage to hold this schedule I currently have, I'll obviously focus on perfecting the recall again and starting to have lucid dreams often. They really come in rarely these days - my last one was 33 days ago. Besides, their quality has not been good in ages.

So, that's all. I'll keep you updated on when I start some form of polyphasing. Currently I'm happy with my sleep.

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