maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

Just an Update

I gave up 3 weeks ago completely and went back to monophasic to reset my cycles. I have no readaptation planned for a while, I might keep monophasic until around April/May. Then I would hope to adapt to Everyman and finally in the summer to Uberman/SPAMAYL. But everything is hanging in the air the moment and my plans might change very much in the coming months.

I'm content being monophasic at the moment. Sure, I won't have time to do pretty much anything but the problem has always been time management for me rather than the actual time. When I'm using my 12-14 hour day efficiently then I might start thinking about adding more wake hours into the mix. Besides my lucid dreaming has really suffered from constant adapting to polyphasic schedules. Which is kind of weird since so many report improving on those. So yeah, I really want just to get back to good recall and eventually getting lucids again.

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