sunnuntai 2. tammikuuta 2011

Day 1 of 2011

Phase ratings:
Core 5
Nap I 4
Nap II 4
Nap III 3
Nap IV 5

Average 4.2

Total sleep 4:00
Total REM 0:55
Total Deep 0:45

Again I'm feeling great right off the bat after core. SmartWake woke me after 3h and 10 minutes of sleep, so it's not much more that I need, though it's too early to say anything. That's really the thing I hate about this, it takes so long to be sure of anything. But if it stays like this, the first nap will really become obsolete. I again missed it, though I got a little tired for it, but my mind was racing too much and I couldn't calm down.

I had a bit extended second nap, but nothing serious. The urge to stay in bed was extremely strong though. The third nap was weird. I barely close my eyes, yet it felt like I had slept for a while. I slept like minute or two after naturally waking up - so short time that even the Zeo didn't register it. I'm certain I slept though. I had a slight out-of-schedule sleep while watching football nearly two hours later. I slept accidentally around five minutes. So nothing serious going on here. The last nap was as standard as it gets, though I had hard time getting up. When I did though I never had any more trouble.

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